Case Study

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust worked with Paul Monaghan Associates Ltd to improve service levels across several areas with a Lean thinking approach.

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

It was imperative that Liverpool Community Health Trust NHS worked with a company that demonstrated a deep understanding of Lean principles.

Paul Monaghan Associates Ltd was selected for their high level of understanding in application of Lean principles specifically within a Healthcare setting.

In order to create a cadre of internal Lean Champions, capable and confident of leading Lean improvement work in their own services, a Lean Academy concept was implemented.

Post-training Lean Improvement support enabled the team to implement new skills on challenging, service level projects.

What Paul Monaghan Associates Limited Provided

Paul Monaghan Associates Limited created a bespoke Lean Academy Training Framework, to meet the needs of the client. This consisted of 3 days detailed training for the internal Lean improvement team, to enable this team to lead and support all Lean improvement activity across the services, coupled with an intensive 5 day training programme for nominated ‘Lean Champions’ selected from across the Organisation (see framework).

The training was a great success and to date approximately 20 Lean champions have been through the Academy.

Paul Monaghan Associates Limited has also supported the client in planning and facilitating a number of 5 and 6 day Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW) in key areas of the business to help implement Lean thinking and gain staff buy-in to the Lean journey.

These areas include:

  • Community Equipment Services
  • Sexual Health Service re-design
  • Medicines Management (Anti-Coagulation Services)


‘Paul has been key to the delivery of our Lean leadership training programme. This has been pivotal in the success of our Organisations Lean academy.

He stood out from other Lean consultants in his ability to translate Lean tools and principles into Healthcare and to illustrate this with real life stories’

Neil Sykes - Quality and Improvement Lead
Liverpool Community Health Trust NHS

Feedback from participants on Lean Leader training programme Liverpool Community Health NHS

‘Paul delivered a fantastic training programme; his knowledge & experience was extremely valuable. Thank you!’

‘Excellent course. Extremely useful with practical application. Would recommend it to colleagues.’

‘Paul put everyone at ease, explained everything thoroughly and listening to everyone. He got everyone to contribute which shows how at ease he put everyone.’

‘Paul's level of knowledge & skills was excellent in talking through each step in the pathway of LEAN’

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