Case Study

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust challenged Paul Monaghan Associates Ltd to develop and deliver a structured, multi-level Lean training programme aimed at embedding Lean thinking at all levels within the Community Healthcare Business Group.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has been applying Lean thinking across the Organisation with increasing levels of success. One of the Business Groups within the Trust (Tameside and Glossop Community Healthcare Business Group), were looking for a partner to continue this progress.

Paul Monaghan Associates Ltd offered an in depth understanding of Lean principles, specifically applying them in a Community Health setting.

Stockport NHS wanted to create a cadre of internal Lean Champions, capable and confident of leading Lean improvement work in their own services and across the wider Business Group.

On-going support of the Lean Academy attendees was required. This was met with our post-training, One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring support.

What Paul Monaghan Associates Limited Provided

Paul Monaghan Associates Limited developed a tiered Lean Academy training programme that offers specific and relevant knowledge transfer for staff at different levels in the Business Group.

  • Senior Team training: A 1-day overview of Lean Principles, Systems and Tools coupled with an understanding of the role of the Lean Leader in supporting Lean Transformation
  • Internal Improvement Team Training: A 2-day programme designed to equip the team with the skills and confidence to support the rest of the Organisation in applying Lean thinking
  • Lean Champion Training: A 4-day, intensive training programme designed to equip service level Lean Champions with the skills and confidence to plan and Lead Lean improvement activity in their own or other work areas.
  • One-to-One workplace Coaching and Mentoring for each of the delegates that were successful in completing the Lean Champion programme.

Feedback Statement

This project was commissioned based on a direct recommendation from Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust. It builds upon work undertaken as part of the ‘Productive Community’ series.

We are delighted to report that the impact of our work continues to gain recommendation both Nationally and Internationally.

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