What is Lean?

Lean is a Management System, a Philosophy and a tool kit that can help to positively change the way an organisation is arranged and managed.

Lean thinking brings focus to the delivery of customer value, through the elimination of waste. We harness the intellectual power, creativity and knowledge of the people performing the work.

Why Lean in Healthcare?

At the heart of the Healthcare profession lays a strong sense of purpose and desire to do the right thing for patients. The problems, waste, broken processes and challenge that healthcare staff face on a daily basis all conspire against the provision of best possible care for patients – the very thing that all healthcare providers want to do!

These challenges manifest themselves in many different ways but all lead to the same thing – less time spent in direct patient contact and more and more time spent dealing with waste in the workplace.

Lean thinking can help change this situation by engaging everyone, no matter what position they hold, in improving their own workplace, in a structured, methodical and effective way.

Why Paul Monaghan Associates Limited?

We have a strong desire to support, encourage and coach your people to learn about Lean and more importantly, to implement the tools and techniques to create real and lasting performance improvement within your organisation.

We do this by using a practical, hands-on approach that encourages and engages people to deliver sustainable performance improvement.

The framework of a 5 day Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) coupled with bespoke Lean training programmes and hands-on coaching and mentoring, is designed to maximise understanding and know how, delivered by experts in the field of Lean Healthcare.

Guiding Principles


We offer the following services:

  • Hands-on Lean Consultancy Support – working with your people on challenging operational issues using our guiding principles of Gemba focus, Asking why, Practicing respect and Leader standard work.
  • Bespoke Lean Training – Our lean training programmes are specifically designed around your requirements. These may range from a one-day introduction to Lean, through to a 5/6 day intensive programme for Lean leaders backed up with one-to-one post training coaching and implementation support.